Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Enabled Unisex Sport Watch Review

GPS Enabled watchTechnological advances have over the past few years changed the way we look at the world in general. The world of sports or workouts if you like has not been left behind. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport Watch is one of the sleek more advanced gadgets that add some gist into your workout. Designed as a heart rate monitor, the sport watch combines style with functionality to give you a workout with a difference. But what is it I am going on about?

Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport Watch described

The GPS – this helps you find the exact location you are at. This feature is quite accurate and you can know your exact location in just a few seconds. The feature also allows you to record not only your distance but also time and pace that you are working out. This allows you to review your progress over a few weeks or days. The GPS of the Garmin Forerunner 110 watch is highly sensitive even when you are under cover of trees or tunnels.

Heart rate monitor – If you do not care for the heart rate monitor, you can get the watch alone. However, the heart rate monitor is a great addition for those who take working out very seriously. The monitor will show your heart rate and heart rate calories calculations. The good thing is that you do not need to purchase a new heart rate monitor as the watch is compatible with most heart rate monitors in the market.

Garmin connect – what is not going online nowadays? The Garmin watch just proves that technology is beautiful. Once the watch records the data, you can upload this data on your garmin connect on your laptop. Imagine the kind of statistics you can get from this.

Water resistant – this is as it sounds. The watch can take splashes from the rain once in a while.

Pros of the watch

- Easy to use
- Small, simple and elegant
- Fair priced
- Highly motivational as it will track key data such as distance covered
- Compatible with heart rate monitors
- Long battery life of up to 8 hours on GPS mode and several days on standard
- Fast in determining position
- Other additional features like alarm clock
- Controlled using buttons (not one touch interface)
- Large display
- Rubber strap friendly to the skin
- Comes in a variety of colours


Do not record your pace instead gives you an average rate of your pace.

Who can use the Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport Watch?

This is great workout equipment for just about anyone from the workout beginner to pro athletes who are serious with their workouts. Even through the watch do not record the current pace; it is a great item to have. Its style, comfort and ease of use will definitely more than make up for what is missing.

Best Place for Plastic Surgery in the World

Plastic surgery is a procedure that is carried out in most countries of the world. For the best results however, you need visit the best place for plastic surgery in the world. There are particular countries that provide the best plastic surgery services. In such places, chances are pretty high that the procedure turns out to be a success. It is therefore quite advisable that you visit such places for the particular procedure. This should increase the chances of success judging from the fact that there are different types of plastic surgeries; it is not possible to find a country that gives the best of all the types of plastic surgery.

Studies that have been carried out on the trends of plastic surgery have revealed that the United States of America offers the best services when it comes to breast augmentations. This does not however come as a surprise as the expertise of the plastic surgeons in the United States is unquestionable. It is therefore advisable that an individual who has the intention of getting a breast augmentation and needs to achieve the best results should have the procedure carried out in the US. Most successful celebrity plastic surgeries that are related to the breasts are done in the United States (source page –…). This has in turn marketed it and thus raised the number of people who visit it for breast augmentations.

Plastic surgery statistics in the world

China and Japan were ranked in the top five in performing rhinoplasty. Ranked first was South Korea. It was observed that almost every individual who had a nose job done in South Korea got the expected result. The skill and technology that is used in this country is fast earning it fame in this field. The number of people who visit this country for the procedure is increasing at a high rate with nationals from various countries seeking the services from here too.

Apart from the Korean success in rhinoplasty, it is also a good place to have a double eyelid surgery. Besides their prowess in carrying out the various plastic surgery procedures, the Koreans are very hospitable. The reception that you receive is very much convincing. They have hotels and other accommodation facilities that may be very useful to patients, especially those from other countries. The services that are offered in Korea are also quite flexible. This means that a facelift or double eyelid surgery patient can be operated on at an in-house clinic. This is very convenient as the patient can go straight back to their suites for recovery. It therefore relieves one of the stresses of walking on the streets with bandages all over the face.

After reviewing plastic surgery gone wrong pictures, we can come to this conclusion that bad celebrity plastic surgeries are often associated with poor surgical procedures. Celebrities tend to appear on the television every so often and it is in fact very hard to keep a disastrous plastic surgery from the public. They therefore have to ensure that they get the positive results from the first procedure in order for them to avoid attracting negative attention and unnecessary critics. They therefore have to choose the perfect place that offers the surgery they intend to have.

How to Lose Weight for Busy People

Some people have the luxury of having such a flexible schedule that every activity they think of just fits in like a glove. Then there are the office people, single parents, busy moms, and the likes. This is the situation: you would like to lose those extra pounds, but your schedule just would not let you. You feel too tired to attend to yourself, and to help sculpt those hidden muscles.

Here are a few tips on how you could lose weight even with a busy schedule. I personally want to say Stacey Spencer (founder of thanks for sharing these tips with our reader.

Weight loss tips for busy people

1. Make time for exercise

Fitness is not going to go ahead and make an appointment with you on its own; you would have to make time for it. You know your schedule, wake up earlier than usual and exercise. Start light, a bit of jogging or a bit of weights. You could start off with just thirty minutes early, add minutes as the days go by, and without you noticing, you would be used to it. If you are not a morning person, how about some night jogging? Jog as you gaze at the stars, enjoy the experience. A work out during the day is just as effective as a work out at night.

2. Walk, bike, just don’t drive

Cars run on gas and burn your money; Bikes (and your legs) run on fats and burns your calories (it saves you money: that is a bonus). If the place you are heading to is nearby or in walking distance, why drive? Walking/ biking is not only good for the body, but also the mind, it gives you time to appreciate your surroundings, to familiarize with it, these activities helps you lose weight as it gives your mind a break from the stress of a busy, traffic road.

3. Wall exercise

Have you ever heard of wall exercises? You do not necessarily need to make time for these. The only effort you will need for these are muscle efforts. All you need is a yoga mat, a big blank wall and your body. Wall exercises are muscle sculpting activities that you could do against the wall while lying on your back, now how hard can that be? (It is quite easy, but effective). If your bed is placed against the wall, there is no reason for you not to try this. You could do it upon waking up, or before you go to sleep, it does not eat up much time.

4. HIIT or High- Intensity Interval Training

Just as the name says, this is a high- intensity training that does not depend on the length of the work out. What you burn in jogging for 30 minutes, you could burn in 15 minutes of HIIT. This training is composed of 3 to 10 repetitions of high intensity exercise separated by medium intensity exercise in between. This would fit just fine in your busy schedule.

5. Garcinia Cambogia

This is a diet supplement that you could try taking. It has HCA extracts that helps in stopping the production of stored fats plus, it curbs your hunger which makes it easier to go on a diet. It is a hunger suppressant and a fat burner in one. It is one among all other garcinia cambogia extract benefits. You could lose 10 pounds or more in a month with its help, even only with a bit of exercise. The weight that you maintain while doing no work out will go down with the slightest of efforts, because of Garcinia Cambogia. It is guaranteed to be effective and safe to use. It is worth a try.

Supplements Featured on Dr. Oz Show: Are They Any Good?

Dr. Oz has been looked at many as the doctor with all the weight loss answers. However, many critics have also been up his neck for promoting many weight loss products. Many claim that Dr. Oz is paid to endorse specific weight loss products.

However, Dr.Oz has denied any such claims and denounces any shops or manufacturers using his name to drive sales. But at a closer look, do the products that Dr.Oz recommends on his show for weight actually work? We will look at 3 of such products and their user reviews to see whether they work.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia extractThis is perhaps one of the most popular weight loss products since its feature on the Dr. Oz show. Garcinia cambogia contains an active component; Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This component is obtained from the rind of Garcinia cambogia fruit after it is dried. HCA works together with the body to increase its metabolism. This leads to an increased calories and fat burn to produce the energy required by the body to maintain the high metabolism. HCA also controls the amount of food you consume as it creates a filling effect in the stomach.

HCA also works with emotional feeders to increase the feel good hormones and reduce stress hormones that lead to cravings of unhealthy foods. On, scientific research and consumer reviews have shown that when 1500mg of the pure Garcinia cambogia extract with 50% or more HCA is taken, you lose about 10 pounds in 8 weeks without any changes in lifestyle and more if exercises are incorporated. This weight loss product definitely works.

African Mango Extract

African Mango ExtractWith origins in the West African countries, African mango is a known food supplement or fruit. Recently, it has been in the weight loss limelight. The extract is obtained from the seed of the African mango. This means it contains high levels of fibre. The fibre when taken in form of the supplement creates a full effect in the stomach leading to a full effect. This leads to the consumer eating less food per sitting. The extract also contains high levels of the B vitamins. These are known to increase the metabolism in the body which leads to burning of fat.

African mango extract also lowers LDL cholesterol which reduces visceral weight loss. Consumers have reported loss of up to 1 pound per day upon consumption of 400-800mg/day of African mango extract per week.

Green Tea Extract

This is one of the more popular products featured on Dr.Oz show. It contains catechins that act to detoxify the body and increase metabolism. Users have claimed that this product works best in combination with other weight loss products.

There are numerous other products such as green tea extract, glucomannan and whey protein that have been featured on Dr. Oz show and actually work. However, of all these products Garcinia cambogia extract remains the most successful and most popular of all the products featured on the show to date.