Gillian Growing Old Graciously!!

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery might be a mysterious affair which one can surely vouch for, but her facial features and different skin tone are evident that she might have gone under the knife for a plastic surgery and some other cosmetic treatments. The X files superstar has been a part of a lot of rumors involving the plastic surgeries and nose jobs with Botox injections but it doesn’t stop her from growing old, graciously!!

The more her age is coming out to be, she is apparently growing bolder, more beautiful and incredibly sexy. The star who has won so many awards and accolades and who has been known by one and all in the film arena has been undergoing a lot of cosmetic surgeries and treatments which has left her face a childish glow which is very hard to find on a 47 years old.

The famous Hollywood actress is said to be very happy with whatever features she has right now. By the time she reaches 60. She would be having her age trip down backwards which is a very interesting and amazing quality of the cosmetic surgeries and that is the reason why so many people, from every corner of the world go for a plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments.

Firstly, who is Gillian Anderson?


Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois on august 9th, 1968. She is an American English film actress, an activist and a television as well as a theatre actress. She received worldwide fame with her breath-taking role of a FBI agent, Dana Scully. Her theatre work includes the absent friends for which she has received a theatre world award.  Anderson has won a prime time Emmy award and one Golden Globe Award with two Screen Actors Guild Award. She has been continuously supporting and has been taking part in numerous charities and humanitarian organizations. She is an honorary spoke person for the NF Network which is also known as Neurofibromatosis network and she is also the co- founder of SA-YES, South African Youth Education for Sustainability.

Being an avid art collector, she has also garnered too much appreciation and respect for the kind of collection she has under her belt. She has married twice to Clyde Klotz (1994-97) and Julia Ozzane (2004-06) and lived in with Mark Griffiths until 2012. She has 3 children as well and she has accumulated and achieved a lot of respect and accolades from her co stars and fellow holly wood stars.

Cosmetic surgeries and more…

She has gone for some cosmetic treatments which includes the following:-


She has been spotted with a distinctive facial cutting, which is showing too much smoothness, and glow which can be accounted for a Botox injection. Nothing can be said surely as because Gillian Anderson plastic surgery has always been a controversial and mysterious thing which has come under the limelight without any solid proof or evidence. The Botox injection has given her immense smoothness and fairness to her skin. The 47 years old hottie is hotter than never before!!

Nose job

Her nose looks a bit pointy right now which is clearly can’t be done without a proper nose job treatment. Her nose looks sharper which gives her face a sharper look and apparently her nose looks far better than before!!

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery

She has been having a different face cut and a not so smooth skin tone but recently, she has been spotted with a very different and amazingly fairer skin tone. Although some of her winkles can still be seen, but she also lost a bit of weight in recent times which has converted her aging skin to graciously aging skin. The kind of results which can be seen on her face and bodily features are evident to the fact that she has surely gone for plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments for a younger looking skin and sexier looking body. Her lips don’t show any kind of cosmetic effects till now.


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