How Much Is John Legend Worth

John Legend has steadily stamped his popularity across the hearts of many music lovers thanks to his wonderful voice and smooth lyrics. The singer’s love for music started manifesting when he was still a very little boy; at the age of four years, he started playing the piano. Legend was born as John Rodger Stephen in 1978 and shot to fame in the year 2004 on the release of his debut album Get Lifted which proved to be a huge success.

From then, John has won about 9 Grammy’s which is no mean feat to any musician. Before this stardom really started to follow him though, he took active part in other musical projects by other artists. For instance, he co-wrote I want you together with Janet Jackson. To date, he has released for solo albums and continued to rise and rise in his musical career.

How Much Is John Legend Worth

The net worth of John Legend is presently estimated to be in the range of $20 million. This net worth is contributed to mainly by the sales he makes from his music; but also from films and television.

It is estimated that he was just $200,000 shy of hitting the 1 million dollar mark from sales of the album Love In The Future.  It is said that in its first week, the album sold more than 68,000 copies. He paired with Common to write the song Glory which was featured in the film Selma . The song bagged a Golden Globe Award and more notably an Academy Award for Best Original Song. He has worked with several other artistes to produce show-stopping jams.

He also makes cash from other business-related ventures. In 2001, he made a handsome profit of one million dollars by simply selling a condo that he had bought two years back.  The condo is situated in New York City near Bowery Hotel.

John Legend’s soul is apparently as beautiful as his music. This is because he has been involved in a number of charities. His charitable work has mainly taken him to Africa and Asia. In the recent past, he got involved in a project that sought to provide clean water for Tanzanians. He also took part in a campaign dubbed “2 weeks” which aimed at providing ARV’s to poor Africans found to be HIV positive. These gestures of kindness earned him the BET Humanitarian Award of 2010.
John Legend and Wiz Khalifa

John Legend is truly living by his name. Not only does he pursue his love for music with so much zeal and passion, he also shares some of his earnings with the less fortunate in society! Hopefully, he will churn out more and more of those smooth lyrics that will increase his net worth and just maybe, he could expand the scope covered by his acts of charity!

John Legend’s personal life is not doing badly either; he is married to one Chrissy and certainly, they do make a wonderful couple. They actually got engaged in December of 2011 after dating for a commendable 7 years!




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