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“Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you…where are you going to? Do you know?” When Mahogany, the movie came out back in 1975 starring Ms. Diana Ross, I was a very unfocused and clueless young woman. I’d just graduated from high school and left my southern roots to live life in the “Big City!”… Needless to say, striking out on my own to find myself was oftentimes more than I’d bargained for. I knew that I didn’t want to go to a four year college back home like many of my friends and I definitely did not want to spend my life in a Jim Crow South. Where did I belong? And where was I headed? “Did I know?” The city seemed so overwhelming!

Thankfully, I met a mentor, who perhaps saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself at the time. This older, Christian lady, advised me onto a path of finding and getting a profession.  I’ve been a nurse for well over 30 years now and this career provided food, shelter & comfort for my now adult children who are living their lives quite admirably:) Sometimes as young women & men, there are grey areas in our lives where we just don’t know where we’re headed and how to get whereever “there” is.  I feel priviledged to use my life experiences in order to become a voice for women seeking to find their path, truth and their purpose. I have recently been invited to as Guest Speaker in London this October for a Seminar on “Women And Business In The 21st Century” Life as I know and live it, is good :)  Where are you going to? Where are you headed? How far are you on your journey to becoming?

These are some of the things I’ve had to overcome in living life experiences in order to offer encouragement to you. As the great late poet Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks once advised me? “Keep-a-Going!”

1. Know who you are. Who are we really? From where do we hail? Learn the history of family/roots/your beginnings/family ambitions/morals/values/spirituality/ their obstacles & triumphs…find out from whence you came.

2. Trust your intuitiveness. A lot of people call your innermost feelings, your intuition at work. A lot of the elders call it, “a gift” from god. I tend to lean toward this knowing as being both a spiritually awakening and a special something that we all have, but haven’t known how to embrace. As a little girl, I’ve always had an uncanny sense of perception where I could basically read a persons’ truth after an initial introduction. I don’t say I’m gifted, just that I take advantage of my intuitive sensory perceptions!

3. Keep the faith. This simple phrase isn’t simple, really. It takes a lot as a spiritual being, living a human existence, to keep faith alive. Amid trials & tribulations, loss and pain, hunger, greed and homelessness, sickness and death…We’re living life experiences. We must stay in prayer, keep the faith and keep-a-going!

4. Love Yourself. How can you love someone else, when you don’t have self-love? Learn to give of yourself but never to the point of becoming a do gooder that threatens to deplenish your positive energies. Learn to say no. That other person/s will respect you for your honesty. And if they don’t? Say a prayer for them and keep-a-going!

5. Doubt the fear. This is a biggie even for me. I’ve been fearful of change and yet, I’ve learned that in order to grow, there must be change. Take stock of where you are on your journey to wholeness. What’s holding you back? Will you continue to live in fear of the unknown? Of change? Are you happy where you are? Life is a gamble, but, we only have this one human life and we deserve to live it happy, healthy and whole!  As Tupac Shakur would often ask “You feel me?”

I want to thank eveyone who stops by for inspiration, motivation and to lend your voice to the topic at hand. You matter!

P.S. The doors are still open for your authentic story. Simply use the contact form, or email me directly…



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