Can Latest Innovations in Plastic Surgery Prevent Botched Surgery

There are new developments in plastic surgery that hopes to achieve better outcomes and avoid surgery disasters.

Plastic Surgery

The FDA recently approved Kybella – an injection that helps enhance the chin. It is said to destroy fat cells and is a new drug specifically designed to remove the double chin. Plastic surgeons are also learning how volumetric restoration works, which involves adding some fats in some areas like the face. The treatment is especially beneficial to aging patients, those who have already lost volume in the face. The procedure enhances their physical appearance.

Other innovations include tissue engineering breakthroughs which means that ears or skin can be grown in a lab and implanted to the patient. They are also working on controlling the patient’s immune system to reduce plastic surgery disasters.

Regenerative Medicine

A better replacement to botox and with less risk. This procedure will unlock the efficiency of flaps and allografts that’s helpful in reconstructive surgery. Especially helpful for people with congenital problems and also to aging patients.

Fat Grafting through Stem Cell Surgery

Unlike fillers, this treatment is effective and lasts longer. It can give the patient a more natural look. Stem Cell Surgery also lowers the risk of getting blotched surgeries.

Unwanted fats in the tummy are taken by the plastic surgeon and transplated to other areas of the body that need enhancement. Examples are the face, breast, and buttocks. Fats contain stem cells which have the capacity to replace bad or damaged cells. Unlike fillers, it gives a better outcome.

This treatment works best when combined with other cosmetic procedures like facelifts. The patient needs to know though that in order to have better and lasting results, he shouldn’t overdo it.

Google Glass and Plastic Surgery

This new device that looks like an eyeglasses is useful to surgeons in the operating room. It’s going to give them accurate and real-time information about the patient that the surgeon may need during surgery. It can also be used as a camera and a projector.

The best thing about this device is it can be used as a communication tool too. The surgeon can communicate with another surgeon in another operating room and can give or ask an advice while doing the surgery.

Xarelto and Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy

Patience with pre-existing medical conditions can take a prescription drug called Xarelto that will minimize stroke, blood clots and other major complications from plastic surgery. A Scar therapy is also available now for reducing scars after surgery. An applicator is used to help in formulating collagen that minimizes scars.

The future of plastic surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons which represents about 7000 members aims to provide only the highest quality standards to patients. They are doing advanced research on enhancing plastic surgery procedures and technologies, to reduce the complications of plastic surgery.

They constantly innovate for better plastic surgery outcomes like few celebs. Can these innovations and enhancements prevent blotched plastic surgeries? It is never a guarantee, but these innovations can surely help patients.


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