How to Lose Weight for Busy People

Some people have the luxury of having such a flexible schedule that every activity they think of just fits in like a glove. Then there are the office people, single parents, busy moms, and the likes. This is the situation: you would like to lose those extra pounds, but your schedule just would not let you. You feel too tired to attend to yourself, and to help sculpt those hidden muscles.

Lose Weight

Here are a few tips on how you could lose weight even with a busy schedule. I personally want to say Stacey Spencer  thanks for sharing these tips with our reader.

1. Make time for exercise

Fitness is not going to go ahead and make an appointment with you on its own; you would have to make time for it. You know your schedule, wake up earlier than usual and exercise. Start light, a bit of jogging or a bit of weights. You could start off with just thirty minutes early, add minutes as the days go by, and without you noticing, you would be used to it. If you are not a morning person, how about some night jogging? Jog as you gaze at the stars, enjoy the experience. A work out during the day is just as effective as a work out at night.

2. Walk, bike, just don’t drive

Cars run on gas and burn your money; Bikes (and your legs) run on fats and burns your calories (it saves you money: that is a bonus). If the place you are heading to is nearby or in walking distance, why drive? Walking/ biking is not only good for the body, but also the mind, it gives you time to appreciate your surroundings, to familiarize with it, these activities helps you lose weight as it gives your mind a break from the stress of a busy, traffic road.

Weight loss for busy people

3. Wall exercise

Have you ever heard of wall exercises? You do not necessarily need to make time for these. The only effort you will need for these are muscle efforts. All you need is a yoga mat, a big blank wall and your body. Wall exercises are muscle sculpting activities that you could do against the wall while lying on your back, now how hard can that be? (It is quite easy, but effective). If your bed is placed against the wall, there is no reason for you not to try this. You could do it upon waking up, or before you go to sleep, it does not eat up much time.

4. HIIT or High- Intensity Interval Training

Just as the name says, this is a high- intensity training that does not depend on the length of the work out. What you burn in jogging for 30 minutes, you could burn in 15 minutes of HIIT. This training is composed of 3 to 10 repetitions of high intensity exercise separated by medium intensity exercise in between. This would fit just fine in your busy schedule.

5. Garcinia Cambogia

This is a diet supplement that you could try taking. It has HCA extracts that helps in stopping the production of stored fats plus, it curbs your hunger which makes it easier to go on a diet. It is a hunger suppressant and a fat burner in one. It is one among all other garcinia cambogia extract benefits. You could lose 10 pounds or more in a month with its help, even only with a bit of exercise. The weight that you maintain while doing no work out will go down with the slightest of efforts, because of Garcinia Cambogia. It is guaranteed to be effective and safe to use. It is worth a try.


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