How To Choose H7 HID Bulbs

HID conversion kits with H7 bulbs grant a brighter lighting that can enhance the night time driving capabilities. When the visibility is hindered by absence of daylight or due to various weather conditions, Xenon headlights can produce lights that closely emulates natural light and improve the driving experience. Despite the powerful light, H7 xenon bulbs require less amount of energy and lasts up to ten times as long as the standard halogen headlights. Due to their utilization in most luxury vehicles, the retrofitting of the HID xenon kit can also grant your vehicle with an upscale feel that make the drive even more pleasant.

Here are a few different types of bulbs. The Ultra Xenon H7 Headlamp bulbs offer about 50 percent of an improvement in brightness as well as less accidents on the road. There specifications are H7, 12Volts and 55 Watts. The Xenon H7 Super White Bulbs are 12 volts and they are made from a quartz glass with high intensity gas loading with an extra long life. These bulbs are 100 watts and they are very affordable, they are about $ 7.50 online.

The Streetglow H7, 55 watt, DOT Legal Xenon Headlights. These are Xenon white bulbs that provide the headlamps with a much brighter visibility and they last longer than the halogen lamps do. These bulbs cost about $ 12.99 online. Now if you want something a bit more spectacular then try the 1200K Purple Plasma Xenon HID H7 Low Beam Headlight for a Ford Focus 2005. These lamps offer an unconditional lifetime replacement warranty. They make seeing at night much easier and these bulbs are the brightest bulbs that do not need a ballast.

These bulbs are installed with a plug and play method and there are no modification at all needed. These bulbs use an existing OEM wiring. They are 100 percent safe for all of your wiring and will not melt the existing wiring or damage the headlight housing. You get a superior Xenon gas charged HID which is high intensity discharge lamps. These types of bulbs come available for the Hyundai Tiburon, the Mercedes Benz SL, E Class, Mazda and BMW’s.

If you are looking for the conversion kits for an H7 then you can take a look at the 3000k, 6000k, 8000k which are all available for the 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, the H1, H3, H4 and H7. The kit includes two assembled ballasts,2 true HID bulbs and the complete and necessary wiring and brackets. It has an easy plug and play installation guide.

These Xenon conversion kits for the H& as well as many others are very costly, the one conversion kit that we just mentioned costs about $ 220.00. More and more car owners are making the switch because they are safer but there are a lot of drivers that want these lights because it has a great look. You can find better deals online and most likely more of a selection type in H7 Xenon bulbs or conversion kits and see if you can find something compatible for your car.


What Are You Afraid of Success or Failure

In my new ebook A Life Toward Authenticity-My Authentic Woman Story ( available for download by month’s end) I will tell my story of how fear held me back from reaching my full potential. I will also give you the tools I used to help me get over this debilitating & crippling falsehood. Fear plays upon our mindset. Sending out imaginary negatives to hinder our growth and keep us from moving forward with our passions, purpose and ultimate happiness. When we are happy doing the things we love, we are at our most productive. Contributing to society by using my life experiences for change, makes me happy. Making a difference in the lives of others, makes me happy!

On the journey to “becoming” I’ve learned from living life experiences, that until we know and have confidence in ourselves, we cannot do the work we’re meant to do. In order to do that work, we must beat that nasty, nagging, offsetting, and insidious thing, called F.E.A.R.!

False Evidence Appearing Real!  Hmmm, how about that? Puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it?

There are ways to keep fear from sabotaging our dreams so we can get on with the job we were put here to do. There’s no time to play with false evidence here! Soon you’ll read my authentic woman story and you’ll become acquainted with the life lessons I’ve learned and put into effect these 10 years as I continue on a journey toward living an authentic life; happy, whole and productive!

Stay tuned for more updates about  my ebook, A Life Toward Authenticity_My Authentic Woman Story and continue to shine your light!

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Empowering Our Girls Through Self Esteem and Self Love

Today, I watched a bit of the Wendy Williams Show round table where she invited four celebrity guests to join her to discuss everything trending in Thursdays’ celebrity news and views. In addition to watching the show, I also take notes on matters of “celebrity” importance to share with blog readers at my other site.

Today’s discussion resonated because it centered on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together. In the aftermath of allegations of the domestic violence surrounding their breakup…Chris Brown ordered to stay away from Rihanna and Rihanna talking to Oprah in a sat down interview afterwards; the views of whether they should have gotten back together at all were topic for debate. Everyone basically said no. However, Oprah Winfrey was called out because she stated if the two of them had, in essence, learned and grown from the experience; then, she wished them well.

Today is International Day Of The Girl. It is a day focused upon teaching girls about the importance of knowledge through education. October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So, the reason for my post is to speak about the responsibility we have as mothers to empower our girls with the knowledge that will serve to educate them against becoming victim to bullying and domestic abuse.

Seemingly, the lack of self esteem in young women and girls, allows for others to take advantage of and oftentimes cause them harm. As a woman, mother and grandmother of 4 girls, I am all for passing the “woman power” gauntlet that comes with living and learning from life experiences.

Dr. Ilona Jerabek is President of Psychtests, a subsidiary of Queedom Research, which provides assessments into the human psyche. According to Dr. Jerabek, “building self esteem is like going through a gauntlet: it can and will take a battering with the many trials life can bring.” She goes on to tell us that the lowest age for a girls’ self esteem is below 18. It will peak between the ages of 18-24 before dropping again in their mid to late 20′s. It is after the late 20’s that women will began to experience a steady increase of self-esteem.

Education starts in the home. It is up to us, as parents of girls (boys certainly not excluded) to teach them the value of who they are. They are worthy. ..they matter…their voices should be heard and they have a right to say “NO” in any situation that causes them discomfort.

By teaching our girls to love themselves just as they are, to take pride in their accomplishments and to know they are “enough” no matter what. Maybe discussions like the one held over at Wendy Williams celebrity round table will become a thing of the past.

Peace,blessings and abundance.

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Repurpose Your Life and Reclaim Your Life Source

Someone at my “day” job said something the other day that sorta got my goat. S/he went “well, if you don’t like your job, you can always quit. You don’t have to work there anymore, just quit, for christsakes!” I felt the fever rise up in my soul and spoke at once. It’s not always so easy to quit something that puts food on the table, pay surmounting bills and keep a roof over ones’ head! It’s not always easy for a single parent to abort the medical insurance that keeps their children healthy. It’s not always easy to utter the words to Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You!” when consequence from your hasty actions looms.. And yet, holding onto a job that literally “sucks” will ultimately suck the life force right out of you!

But, there are ways to combat the fatigue of a demanding, uncaring situation and that is to “fight the system” by becoming an advocate for fairness: How you’re treated. Spoken to. What you’re willing to accept from an employer…Demeaning requests? Low pay, or, no pay? Do as I say, not as I do? Blatant favoritism toward others? In order to feel good about yourself while working for others under such conditions, sometimes you must become proactive and seek clarity. Speak with your employer. Make your feelings known. Ask questions and always document what you know to be an unfair circumstance.

Ultimately, experiencing discontent on a job, will cause you to disconnect and seek another recourse, but, be ready. Prepare yourself for the transition. When the time comes and you’ve made the decision to leave, or, you’re terminated for not being a “team player”, take your leave with grace and dignity. Know that you’re like a fine wine that just keep getting better with age!

Thanks to all of you brave women living a life of authenticity! Your stories serve to inspire and encourage others to become the woman they’ve always wanted to know as they live out their “Truth!” The doors are still open here and your story is always welcomed…

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