Empowering Our Girls Through Self Esteem and Self Love

Today, I watched a bit of the Wendy Williams Show round table where she invited four celebrity guests to join her to discuss everything trending in Thursdays’ celebrity news and views. In addition to watching the show, I also take notes on matters of “celebrity” importance to share with blog readers at my other site.

Today’s discussion resonated because it centered on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together. In the aftermath of allegations of the domestic violence surrounding their breakup…Chris Brown ordered to stay away from Rihanna and Rihanna talking to Oprah in a sat down interview afterwards; the views of whether they should have gotten back together at all were topic for debate. Everyone basically said no. However, Oprah Winfrey was called out because she stated if the two of them had, in essence, learned and grown from the experience; then, she wished them well.

Today is International Day Of The Girl. It is a day focused upon teaching girls about the importance of knowledge through education. October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So, the reason for my post is to speak about the responsibility we have as mothers to empower our girls with the knowledge that will serve to educate them against becoming victim to bullying and domestic abuse.

Seemingly, the lack of self esteem in young women and girls, allows for others to take advantage of and oftentimes cause them harm. As a woman, mother and grandmother of 4 girls, I am all for passing the “woman power” gauntlet that comes with living and learning from life experiences.

Dr. Ilona Jerabek is President of Psychtests, a subsidiary of Queedom Research, which provides assessments into the human psyche. According to Dr. Jerabek, “building self esteem is like going through a gauntlet: it can and will take a battering with the many trials life can bring.” She goes on to tell us that the lowest age for a girls’ self esteem is below 18. It will peak between the ages of 18-24 before dropping again in their mid to late 20′s. It is after the late 20’s that women will began to experience a steady increase of self-esteem.

Education starts in the home. It is up to us, as parents of girls (boys certainly not excluded) to teach them the value of who they are. They are worthy. ..they matter…their voices should be heard and they have a right to say “NO” in any situation that causes them discomfort.

By teaching our girls to love themselves just as they are, to take pride in their accomplishments and to know they are “enough” no matter what. Maybe discussions like the one held over at Wendy Williams celebrity round table will become a thing of the past.

Peace,blessings and abundance.

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