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10 Super Cute Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

While some individuals struggle to grow even a little bit of hair on their head (because sadly they are bald), there are several others blessed with lots of hair. Hair comes in varieties. Some are long, others short, some thick, others very light, some curly, others very straight, some brown and others black.

With these varieties, at times one may feel a little uneasy when they have naturally curled hair, imagining that the best type of hair should be straight and not anywhere near curly. But then again, if nature endows one with these unusually striking traits, they need to be thankful and not resentful. Reason; curly hair is exotic, unique, striking and very classy. To make matters even better, there are several hairstyles for girls with curly hair.

One advantage curly hair products has over the straight one is that there is no need to seek curls if you want an amazing hairstyle that makes heads turns. Your hair is naturally curly and all you need is to set it. Perhaps the most common curly hairstyle for black women is the Pixie Cropped. Since it works best with curly short hair, this hairdo is ideal with a variety of head shapes.

Flower clips too is another ideal hairstyle that could make curly hair look great. For this style, the hair is swept in an easy pony and held in place using a hair band then flowers are clipped on side of the head. You may as well choose to have the flowers in the middle, but they are best on one side as it gives one a professional look. This hairstyle can be worn in many different ways and you can find more details on this article – Short Curly Hairstyles – BeTrendsetter.

Referring to that article, here I am going to show you some hairstyles:

Brown Curly Braid for Long Hair:

Curly A Line Lob with a Braid:

Braid Bun for Curly Hair:

Waterfall Braid for Curly Hair:

Curly Braided Top Knot:

mage via Pinterest

Braided crown is a great way of styling hair too. It is best for blondes or women with not very black hair. At the same time, one could try out the pinned curls. The pins cannot be used randomly in this case and therefore there is need for a professional touch. If you have to do this alone, remember it requires lots of care and concentration. You can choose where the pins need to be placed. They should not be visible for any reason. The hair can then be knotted and tucked in using pins in a professional fashion.

The bob hairstyle has survived all these years and is still an amazing hairdo. Most people are used to the short bob, but there are plenty of long bob hairstyles that may look great on ladies with curly hair. Combing the hair until it shines; one may let the curls be pronounced at the ends to give a curly finish. Pins can be used to let the curls stay in place.

The braided crown has stolen the limelight in 2016. A simple hairdo with the braid at the top of the head and pins used to tuck hair into place for the other parts, this simple style can bear amazing results. Of course there are other hairstyles for curly hair; however, the end result largely depends on an individual’s choice of hairdresser. Curly hair is a blessing in disguise when properly styled.

How to: Easy Crown Braid

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