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Someone at my “day” job said something the other day that sorta got my goat. S/he went “well, if you don’t like your job, you can always quit. You don’t have to work there anymore, just quit, for christsakes!” I felt the fever rise up in my soul and spoke at once. It’s not always so easy to quit something that puts food on the table, pay surmounting bills and keep a roof over ones’ head! It’s not always easy for a single parent to abort the medical insurance that keeps their children healthy. It’s not always easy to utter the words to Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You!” when consequence from your hasty actions looms.. And yet, holding onto a job that literally “sucks” will ultimately suck the life force right out of you!

But, there are ways to combat the fatigue of a demanding, uncaring situation and that is to “fight the system” by becoming an advocate for fairness: How you’re treated. Spoken to. What you’re willing to accept from an employer…Demeaning requests? Low pay, or, no pay? Do as I say, not as I do? Blatant favoritism toward others? In order to feel good about yourself while working for others under such conditions, sometimes you must become proactive and seek clarity. Speak with your employer. Make your feelings known. Ask questions and always document what you know to be an unfair circumstance.

Ultimately, experiencing discontent on a job, will cause you to disconnect and seek another recourse, but, be ready. Prepare yourself for the transition. When the time comes and you’ve made the decision to leave, or, you’re terminated for not being a “team player”, take your leave with grace and dignity. Know that you’re like a fine wine that just keep getting better with age!

Thanks to all of you brave women living a life of authenticity! Your stories serve to inspire and encourage others to become the woman they’ve always wanted to know as they live out their “Truth!” The doors are still open here and your story is always welcomed…

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